So what’s new?

So what’s new?

OK, so the word “new” is technically untrue. I began work on this website around a year ago. It took some nine months before it morphed into a fully-fledged online entity. It was arguably similar to having a real baby.

Once that was done and dusted, I felt I needed to get away from my desk and do something different this summer. Quite a few different things, in fact (all in the name of professional blogging, of course).

In June, my diary was splattered with a series of new experiences for my blog with the Canary Islands Tourist Board. First came a super-relaxing weekend at Finca de Arrieta, an eco-resort in the north of Lanzarote.

There was the Craft Beer Tour and another Wine Tour with Wine Tours Lanzarote. The former rather conveniently takes place on a Friday afternoon (yes, they take you home). I should clarify that I didn’t do both of these tours on the same day.

Then came a series of water-based experiences (I am a closet mermaid): parasailing, a Sea Trek (walking in a spaceman-like suit under the sea) with Touristicket, and several diving lessons in the dreamy transparent waters of this wonderful island I call home. I also bobbed around on a catamaran along the coast of neighbouring desert island, La Graciosa, and enjoyed a bit of snorkelling, sailing and general onboard merriment.

In July, I did something that has been on the back burner for a very long time (too many years to count). My Competent Crew sailing certificate with Endeavour Sailing. Now, this wasn’t really work-related. I did it for myself and it was amazing. Hopefully life-changing (anyone need a hand with their yacht?).

Work, work, work and then it was time for a real holiday in August. A wonderful, tropical family holiday to trace my father-in-law’s roots in Northeast Brazil. More about that here.

The hectic work schedule resumed immediately upon my return and here we are, it’s September already. This year has gone incredibly fast, but until now it has certainly been interesting.

In October I’ll be heading to London for the ProCopywriters Copywriting Conference. Then in November, I’ll be at WebSummit Lisbon 2019. I’m excited about as it’ll be my first time at the world’s largest tech industry conference.

If you’ll be at either of these events and would like to catch up over coffee, or if you have any writing-related queries, get in touch.