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Copywriting is text that has the main intention of selling. This could be your permanent website text, with SEO and meta descriptions included. It could be your advertising campaigns, slogans, brochures, PPC ads or sales promotion emails.

But it’s not all about keywords and algorithms. Getting your clients attention is the first step but keeping it and closing the sale is the ultimate goal. With a little wordsmith magic, I will craft engaging copy that brings your clients closer to your brand, and to the checkout!

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Words that hit the target…

Website copywriting

Your website often creates a first impression, so you’ve got to make sure it’s a good one.

It’s your shop window, but you want more than just window shoppers! Visitors spend only around 5 seconds reading a website page, so you must convert them into buyers fast.

Whether you need to write our entire website, update your existing one or create new one-off pages, I can help.


Blogging and content marketing

Have you created a blog but are struggling to keep up? You have lots of topic ideas for your calendar but no time to put them into words?

Well-written and timely content that truly interests your customers gains their loyalty and enhances your brand reputation.

I can help you with your blog, newsletters, email campaigns, social media posts and planning, eBooks, white papers, cases studies, articles, interviews…let me know what you need.

Product descriptions

To buy or not to buy? That’s the question your customers ask.  Whether you’re selling products or experiences, well-written sales copy can make all the difference to that buying decision.

I’ll help you highlight the benefits of your product or services, set them apart from the competition and take your customers to the shopping basket.

Brochures and brand books

Your brand is how the world perceives your company and getting it right is crucial to your long-term success. It’s vital to ensure that all your marketing collateral consistently reflects your values, vision and essence.

I will create persuasive copy that highlights your ‘who’ and why’, captivates your audience and generates results.

Corporate communication

Your customers come first, but the way you communicate to stakeholders, suppliers, staff and the media is equally as important.

Over twenty years’ experience in marketing and public relations equips me to help you prepare the perfect presentation, report, project proposal or press release.

My goal is your success.

PR and events communication

Are you organising a sports, business or cultural event but need help with the communication?

I can help you plan your communication strategy, create the content required for your website, newsletter, participant information, press releases and social media channels.

Need it in several languages? No problem, I can arrange it.

Copywriting FAQs

How does it work?

We’ll start off with a quick Skype meeting to talk about your objectives. I will then be able to draw up a quote and timescale for the project.

Once you accept my quote, I will send you a service agreement. I value trust and transparency so it’s important that we both know exactly what to expect.

The next step is to establish a detailed brief. I’ll send you a questionnaire to complete, which will help me understand your product, customers and what you want to achieve; to identify the tone of voice, style and set out any rules that your copywriter should know about.

You will receive the first draft within the agreed timescale. Once I receive your feedback, I will make any necessary changes, optimise, perform a final revision and send it back for your approval.

I strongly suggest that you let me proofread the final version (at no extra cost) after the design layout stage, to avoid any errors that may have happened in the process.

How much does it cost?

Every project is different, and fees will always depend on the how long it will take to research and create the material.

As a guide, my time is based on an hourly fee of 60€ but I will always provide a project-based fee before starting work.

Can you provide a free sample?

Unfortunately, I am unable to work for free. I would be happy to provide a sample at an agreed rate, or some examples of previous work.

How do I book?

You can contact me by email, Skype or phone.

What are your payment terms?

Being paid on time is essential for a freelancer, and all invoices must be paid in 30 days, unless agreed otherwise.

New customers will be required to pay 50% up front before works starts. For future work, we can negotiate mutually convenient payment terms.

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